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Published Articles

1/10/23 - American Thinker, "When a congressional fight drew blood", Robin Itzler

11/12/2022 - American Thinker, "Pass the Turkey and Patriotism", Robin Itzler

10/13/2022 - American Thinker, "Non-Partisan Elections are Non-Existent", Robin Itzler

8/12/22 - American Thinker, "The Next Time You're Ready to ROFL at AOC", Robin Itzler

7/27/22 - American Thinker, "Gov. Newsom is correct: Californians have lots of freedoms", Robin Itzler

6/23/22 - American Thinker, "Kamala Harris Needs To Spend Some Time At Toastmasters", Robin Itzler

6/11/22 - American Thinker, "Observing Our Way to Third-World Elections", Robin Itzler

5/25/22 - American Thinker, "Boy, are you a victim! You're hired!", Robin Itzler

5/11/22 - American Thinker, "I'll walk you to the curb when we say good-bye", Robin Itzler

4/19/22 - American Thinker, "Forget the red wave. We need a MAGA tsunami", Robin Itzler

2/22/22 - American Thinker, "War for our time", Robin Itzler

2/15/22 - American Thinker, "Helping people handle the 'forever COVID' future the Biden admin promises", Robin Itzler


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Patriot Neighbors - 1/23/2023

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